Daytime Newborn Care Specialist

Bushel & A Peck Newborn Care Daytime Support

Professional Daytime Newborn Care To Meet Your Needs

Whether your first baby or your fifth, adding a new addition to the family comes with its challenges. I offer professional and customized newborn care to allow you more time to focus on your other responsibilities. Whether you need to get back to work right away, have other children to tend to, or simply need some R&R, you can trust in my experience and and knowledge.

During my time with you and your family, I work to establish a healthy routine between feedings, playtime and naps. I also take on the long list of to-do’s associated with baby’s needs including diaper changes, baby laundry and more.

Daytime Newborn Care Services Include:

• Bathing Baby
• Umbilical & Circumcision Care
• Trimming Nails
• Maintaining A Detailed Log Of Feedings And Sleep
• Creating A Daily Routine To Help Establish A Good Night’s Sleep
• Stocking Nursery With Baby Essentials
• Maintaining An Organized Nursery
• Doing Baby Laundry
• Infant Feeding;  Breast, bottle, or Formula
• Washing And Sterilizing Pump Equipment + Bottles
• Proper Storage Of Breastmilk
• Introduction Of Bottles If Requested
• Sleep Conditioning
• Accompany Parent To Pediatric Appointments

Let me take care of baby.

Hiring Rita was the best decision we’ve made as new parents! I was nervous to have someone care for my newborn, but new I needed the extra help in order to maintain my business and other responsibilities. I knew I needed someone more skilled than a nanny and sought out a Newborn Care Specialist for the first few months of my daughter’s life. Upon meeting Rita, I immediately could tell she was an honest, genuine and caring individual. Our time with Rita was amazing. She far exceeded our expectations, cared for my daughter with care and admiration, and was always willing to lend advise, making our transition into parenthood a little bit easier.

-McKenna T.