Overnight Newborn Care And Support

Bushel & A Peck Care Overnight Support

Overnight Newborn Care: A Good Night’s Sleep For Everyone

My overnight newborn care services ensure baby is well taken care of while you get the rest you need. I don’t just watch over baby, but I provide professional care centered around establishing healthy sleep habits, maintaining a feeding schedule, taking care of diaper changes, swaddling and soothing baby back to sleep.

Whether you choose bottle or breast feedings, I’ll support you in meeting baby’s needs while ensuring you get adequate rest. For breastfed babies, I will bring baby to you when it is time to nurse and give you space to bond with baby-or give you company, whichever you prefer. When you’re ready, I’ll come back for baby, return to the nursery to change, burp, swaddle and soothe while you quickly get back to sleep.

Overnight newborn care is an incredible service customized to meet your needs in the early days of postpartum. My goal is to allow Mom to heal peacefully from labor, help ease the transition of bringing baby home, and leave you with the tools to be confident new parents.

Overnight Care includes:

• 8-12 Hours Of Care
• Bathing Baby
• Umbilical & Circumcision Care
• Trimming Nails
• Maintaining A Detailed Log Of Feedings And Sleep
• Guidance On Daily Routine To Support A Good Night’s Sleep
• Stocking Nursery With Baby Essentials
• Maintaining An Organized Nursery
• Doing Baby Laundry
• Infant Feeding; Breast, bottle, or Formula
• Washing And Sterilizing Pump Equipment + Bottles
• Proper Storage Of Breastmilk
• Introduction Of Bottles If Requested
• Sleep Conditioning

Please contact us for rates.

Let’s take care of baby.

Having Rita as our NCS was by far the best decision I made. Rita is a true professional and, I imagine, among the best in her field. Not only is she experienced and very knowledgable, she also has a deep sensitivity that ensures she is meeting a new mother’s and baby’s needs in a calm and confident manner. Having someone in your home and in your room at night is a very intimate experience and somehow Rita managed to always be close by when I needed her and far enough away when I wanted space. With Rita’s help, I was able to get the rest I needed in order to be the best mom I could be to my two sons, a supportive wife, and also ensure that I was taking care of my own health and wellbeing. I actually enjoyed the newborn stage the second time and got to experience that feeling of “baby bliss” which was the greatest gift I could have wished for.

-Shay G.